Press Release: Chris McGregor

Press Release: Chris McGregor

Posted on December 12, 2022 by OGCdigital


Foodservice Sales, Ontario

Chris McGregor is a Chef at heart and a problem-solver by trade. Growing up in Niagara Falls he got an early taste for the hospitality industry, working in hotels and restaurants through his teenage years. He went to school for engineering and paid the bills as a DJ. After a stint in the Human R­esources and Fraud Investigation world, he found his way back to restaurants.

While working his way through several downtown institutions, he gained an appreciation for a well-designed and ergonomic space. He spent several years working early mornings as the owner of a wholesale produce company, selling into kitchens all over the GTA. From there, he moved onto a Sales position with one of Canada’s biggest commercial restaurant equipment dealers for several years. He joined Tarrison as Canada began its recovery from COVID and is passionate about helping the industry rebuild.

Having spent years in kitchens, he can comfortably talk the talk when it comes to all things kitchen and restaurant related and he can offer insight from the Chef’s perspective. Outside of his work he is passionate about cooking with fire, creative design and engineering, discovering the outdoors, and writing.

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