Daycare Kitchen



Indoor, Installations

Project Details

At Tarrison, we take pride in providing practical and functional solutions to meet our clients’ unique needs. One such project we recently completed was for a daycare kitchen with limited space. Our client needed a kitchen that was both efficient and spacious enough to accommodate all of their cooking and storage requirements. We were up to the challenge and provided them with a range of stainless steel products that transformed their kitchen into a more organized and functional space.
In order for the client to maximize their vertical storage space, we provided them with stainless steel wall-mounted cabinets. These cabinets are perfect for storing dishes, utensils, and other kitchen essentials, and their sliding doors help to keep the space looking organized and decluttered. We also provided stainless nested worktables that helped save space by allowing the client to nest them together when not in use. This not only freed up valuable floor space but also made cleaning the kitchen a breeze.
To complete the project and give even more surface and storage space, this client selected a stainless cabinet with backsplash that provided a sleek and modern finish to the kitchen. This cabinet provides additional storage space and is perfect for storing items that need to be easily accessible but out of sight. Lastly, we designed a custom corner cabinet lineup with drawers that fit snugly in the available space. This allowed our client to make the most of their kitchen’s nooks and crannies, while still keeping everything they needed within reach.
Overall, this project was a great success, and our client was thrilled with the end result. Our stainless steel products not only made their kitchen look more modern and sleek, but they also made it more efficient and practical. We always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations, and this project was no exception.