Seneca College




Project Details

In the heart of Seneca College’s Animal Health building, an environment designed to shape the next generation of veterinary technicians, Tarrison’s stainless steel products seamlessly blend into the fabric of efficiency and hygiene. This installation features some purposefully selected products, including our Stainless Cabinets, Wall Shelves, Stainless Tables, Wall Cabinets, and Corner Cabinets, each serving a crucial role in creating a workspace that harmonizes functionality with the demands of a sterile and dynamic veterinary setting.

The Stainless Cabinets serve as a worksurface, but also allow for organization and accessibility. In an environment where precision and speed are paramount, these cabinets become the unsung heroes, offering a secure space for the storage of essential tools, medications, and equipment. Their stainless steel construction not only ensures durability but also aligns seamlessly with the need for a sterile environment, where cleanliness is non-negotiable.

The Wall Shelves, strategically placed, add an extra layer of functionality without compromising on space. In a setting where every inch matters, these stainless steel shelves become valuable real estate for quick access to frequently used items. Their sleek design not only optimizes space but also contributes to the overall aesthetic, creating a workspace that is both practical and visually appealing.

At the center of the veterinary technician’s workspace are our worktables. Engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use, these tables provide a stable and hygienic surface for a myriad of tasks—from examinations to delicate procedures. The stainless steel composition ensures not only easy cleaning but also a surface that resists the accumulation of bacteria, a critical factor in a space dedicated to the health and well-being of animals.

The Wall Cabinets and Corner Cabinets, thoughtfully positioned, maximize storage without compromising on floor space. In an educational and healthcare setting where resources need to be readily available, these cabinets become integral. Their stainless steel construction not only ensures longevity but also aligns with the stringent hygiene standards required in veterinary environments.

Our favourite part of this installation is that it captures not only the stark professionalism of stainless steel but also a touch of whimsy—a nod to the humanity intertwined with the practice of veterinary care. The inclusion of these adorable dog stuffed toys and other veterinary-related elements add a personal and relatable touch, balancing the clinical precision of stainless steel with the warmth and compassion inherent in animal care.

Stainless steel, with its corrosion resistance and ease of sterilization, is a natural choice for environments like these, where hygiene is non-negotiable. Tarrison’s products, showcased in the veterinary technician program at Seneca College, stand as a testament to the our commitment to delivering solutions that go beyond the surface. We love to see how they have become not just fixtures in a room but integral components in shaping a learning and healthcare environment that prioritizes efficiency, hygiene, and the compassionate care of animals.