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Hospitality, Installations, Restaurant

Project Details

This was a renovation project of an existing restaurant space – all of the traditional millwork had deteriorated after just a few years in this below-street-level location. This is unfortunately very common in a variety of settings, but their preexisting millwork was particularly vulnerable due to the humid environment of the location.

The client still wanted the touch and feel of real wood to match with the rustic vibe of their interior, but without the all of the maintenance and inevitable need for repairs and replacement that typically comes with millwork installations.

They desperately needed something with a long lasting, durable sub-structure – the solution to this problem was Tarrison all stainless steel Servery Systems cabinetry covered with wood flooring accented by marble counter tops.

The front counter flows like traditional millwork as customers move from functional station to functional station (i.e. from coffee to pastry to cash) but is supported by durable, life-long lasting stainless steel.